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Festive Tool Kit

This time of year is often a time of going out and having fun, which is brilliant. It is a good idea to have a wee tick list before you head out so that you not only have fun, you also stay safe.

Have your phone charged well before you leave the house and make sure you have money for a taxi home safely on your person and easy to find.

If there is any chance you may have sex, it is a well known fact that more unprotected and unintentional sex happens when you are drunk. Keep this in mind when you are partying. Pop condoms in your wallet or purse, CLICK HERE to see where you can get condoms free.

If you are drinking alcohol, think about how much you are going to drink before you go out, eat a good meal before you go out and try and eat some snacks while drinking, this slows down the effect on your body of the alcohol. Drink some water in between an alcoholic drink and also before you go to bed, this will reduce the hangover the next day.

Consent is crucial, whether it’s about alcohol, sex or tea (see video…), Just because someone does not say no, if they have been drinking, this DOES NOT mean they are saying yes. People are shy, or feel intimidated in different situations. Do not make assumptions about anything & listen…. always ask, you can say ‘is that okay?’ or  ” are you sure…it’s OK to say no.” Always checkin and pay attention.

Remember everyone has the right to say no, (to anything they don’t want to participate in) and also to change your mind, even if you have already said yes. Decide on your own boundaries and have them respected by others. CLICK HERE to read more about this.

Look after your friends and never leave anyone alone. Call for help if you feel that a friend is in trouble, you will not get into trouble yourself, even if you are under-age, first priority is to look after someone else who needs help.

Christmas can also be a difficult time for many different reasons, from family arguments to feeling lonely, by talking through how you are feeling at Christmas can help you feel less alone. Don’t keep all those difficult feelings to yourself, talk them through, they will feel less of a burden. Come to the 121 section on cool2talk and chat to the counsellor confidentially CLICK HERE to read how it could help.