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Bullying can happen anywhere, online, at home or at school, it can also happen to anyone, but nobody has the right to hurt you or make you feel bad.

What is Bullying?

  • being called names

  • being teased, put down or humiliated

  • being physically pushed about

  • having things taken off you

  • being talked about, rumours being spread

  • being left out

  • being threatened, in person or online

  • being bullied through social media

Different kinds of Bullying.

Homophobic:- Prejudice against someone based on their sexual orientation

Transphobia – Prejudice against someone who is transgender or transsexual

Racist :-Treating people differently because of their race, colour of their skin, where they are from and what they believe in.

Classist:- Deciding someone is from a particular social class and treating them badly because of it.

Lookest:-Bullying due to how someone looks, ie. wears glasses, has ginger hair.

Sexist:-Treating someone different on the basis of their biological sex or gender

Disabilist:-Bullying someone because of their disability

How to get help

Build your confidence.

Bullying can make you feel bad about yourself. Although increasing your confidence may not make the bullying stop right away, it may give you the confidence to get the help you need to stop it.

Try something new for the first time, it can be just one small ting but gradually as you do it more and more you will realise that you can do things you thought that you couldn’t.

Write down some things you like about yourself. Everyone has positive things about who they are, write them down, you might be a good listener, always tidy your room when asked.

Do something nice for someone, give them a compliment, help more at home, this can make you feel good about yourself.

Practice being assertive

This means being able to stand up for yourself without being aggressive. It can sometimes be hard to say what you really feel, especially if it means disagreeing with someone else. You could practice being assertive by writing down what you want to say and choosing when you want to say it, then over time being a bit more assertive can really help get bullying stopped.

Block the bully

If you are being bullied online CLICK HERE to read more that can help.

Some phones will let you block numbers, and also block, delete or unfriend people on social networking sites.

Change your route home from school to avoid bullies.

Tell someone

Bullies rely on your silence so speak to someone about it, friends, parents, a trusted adult at home or school. The teachers in school have a duty to look after you and most schools have a zero tolerance of bullying. Sometimes you tell someone and it does not stop, so tell another person and another until it does stop, you deserve to be heard and for the bullying to stop.

Being bullied can make you angry

Don’t fight back as you could get into trouble, there is no shame in not fighting back.

Don’t reply to abusive messages as it will keep it going and end up upsetting you more. Save them to show whoever you talk to about it.

How to cope after Bullying.