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What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is one of the most commonly used illegal drugs in the UK and is popular amongst young people. It has lots of slang names but  you might’ve heard it being called names like weed, smoke, green, bud or ganja.

Why do people use cannabis?

Like most other drugs, there’s many reasons why people use cannabis. Some people use cannabis to as they find it helps them feel relaxed and happy, to experiment or because their friends are using it. Smoking, vaping and eating are all methods of using cannabis and different methods have different effects. Some people use cannabis to cope with feelings of anxiety and stress although this is only a temporary fix for these feelings and can often make them worse long term.

Is cannabis less dangerous than other drugs?

You might here people say that cannabis is less harmful than other illegal drugs like heroin or cocaine. Cannabis is legal in some countries (Netherlands, Canada) and used for medicinal purposes in others. However, in these countries special laws, rules and guidance are to be followed for the legal production and distribution of cannabis. Age restrictions are in place and people are only allowed to purchase certain amounts.

Although cannabis is in a lower legal class of drug in the UK (Class B), it still has known negative side effects on both physical and mental health and many people find themselves in a place where they are looking to reduce their use. Cannabis is still illegal in the UK, find out more about cannabis laws (HERE).

What’s the difference between CBD and THC?

You might see some items in pharmacies that have the cannabis plant in the logo or on the label. These are most likely CBD products.

CBD comes under the ‘food supplement’ category in the UK with things like vitamins and minerals. CBD and THC both come from the cannabis plant but CBD does not provide a ‘cannabis high’ or ‘stoned’ effect. This ‘high’ comes from the THC substance. It’s important to be aware of THC levels, the more THC in the cannabis, the stronger the effects.  Find out more (HERE).

Vaping Cannabis

Vaping has become a more common way to use cannabis. However, it’s important you know the risks. Find out more about this (HERE).

Cannabis Harm Reduction

It’s important to remember that no drug is completely safe. However, if you plan to use cannabis there are some steps you can do to help you and others stay safe. Find out more (HERE).

I’m worried about a friend or family member, what do I do?

If you’re concerned about someone else’s cannabis use you can ask us a question here at cool2talk, find more information (HERE) or check out our health info zone.