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Using condoms is the only way to protect against pregnancy AND sexually transmitted infections.

During the Coronavirus outbreak we are testing a postal condom service for young people, aged 14-18. Please note this service is only available to people who live in Tayside. If your address is not in Tayside, your order will not be processed. More information HERE


Anyone, aged 13-25, can access free condoms from loads of places, all across Tayside. To find out where get free condoms download our free condom finder app from HERE

To get condoms, simply visit any one of the outlets and speak to the staff there, they will give you support and show you how to use condoms properly, so that you can feel more confident about having safer sex and enjoy it. the workers are trained, non judgemental, and the service is confidential.

If you want, you can get a CCard or have your CCard app, unlocked.

Having a CCard, shows that you have had a condom demonstration before, and have spoken to a worker, it means getting your condoms is a much quicker process.

You just, have a chat with the worker, tell them your age and which condoms you want. If you want, they will give you a code to unlock your app or give you a CCard. You can then go to any of the other outlets to get free condoms.

Look out for the CCard sign and  click here to find out where to go.

Ten ways a condom can’t protect you ….click here for a short film Happy _face (1)

What are Condoms?

Condoms are made of rubber and cover the penis, this is so that semen and other fluids released during sex are not passed between partners. By using condoms during sex, you are less likely to catch an STI and more likely to avoid unplanned pregnancy.

You can use condoms for Anal, Oral and Vaginal sex – it’s important to use a different one each time!!!

CLICK HERE for a link on working out what kind of sex you like

How do you use a condom?

Condoms can be pretty fiddly so it’s a good idea to practice on something before you start having sex.

They are more likely to break if they get dry, so if this happens to you you might want to have some water based lubricant with you too. ou can get this at any sexual health service or CCard/condom outlet.

If used correctly, condoms will work 98% of the time! If you don’t put it on properly, that drops to 80%!!!

  • Open the package carefully (don’t use your teeth!)
  • Make sure the tip is pointing up and the ring is on the outside.
  • Pinch the tip to squeeze the air out.
  • Place the condom on an erect penis or sex toy and roll it all the way down.
  • When finished, hold on to the bottom of the condom when withdrawing the penis, to stop the condom slipping off.
  • Make sure no semen spills out by tying a knot in the condom. Put it in a bin, not the toilet. (it’ll block the toilet, silly)
  • Make sure your condom has the British Standard Kitemark or the CE European standard mark. Check the expiry date of the condom.
  • If you have sex again, use a new condom.

If a condom breaks or you have sex without using a condom, remember you can get Emergency Contraception from your pharmacy or GP free of charge. Click here for more information.

Safe oral sex

Remember, it’s not just vaginal or anal sex that passes on STIs. You can catch chlamydia, herpes. syphilis and gonorrhoea from having unprotected oral sex. The HPV virus which can cause genital warts, can also be caught from having oral sex.

Make sure you’re safe by only doing things you want to do and using a condom or dental dam. Flavoured condoms are available too.