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Condoms are made of very thin latex (rubber) and are designed to cover the penis  (or sex toys) in order to stop fluids being transferred between partners.

Using a condom is the only way to protect against pregnancy AND sexually transmitted infections

You can use condoms for Anal, Oral and Vaginal sex.

You can get latex-free condoms if you are allergic to latex and biodegradable condoms if single-use plastics are a concern


Why Use Condoms?

Condoms cover the penis and stop sperm getting into the vagina/anus. If used correctly, condoms can help prevent transmission of sexually transmitted infections such as, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia and blood borne viruses such as HIV.

Condoms are 98% effective in preventing pregnancy if used correctly and consistently. Condoms can split, burst or come off if they don’t fit correctly. Condoms come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit everyone.

If used correctly, internal condoms (you may have heard of Femidoms or vaginal condoms) can help prevent transmission of sexually transmitted infections and blood borne viruses.

internal, previously known as "female", for vaginal use

Internal condoms are 95% effective in preventing pregnancy. If used correctly and consistently. Unlike a condom, they can be inserted into the vagina before sex.

Where do I get free condoms in Tayside?

The condoms by post service is free and confidential.

If you would like to order Free Condoms by Post click the link below and you will be taken to a page with an order form and instructions on what to do next. Please note – if you do not live in Tayside your order will not be processed.  Click here to order Free Condoms.

The Scheme is open to all 14-25 year olds.

Tayside CCard

The CCard Scheme, allows you to get condoms in the way that suits you best!

Find out more HERE

To get condoms, simply visit any one of the CCard outlets and speak to the staff there, they will give you support and show you how to use condoms properly, so that you can feel more confident about having safer sex and enjoy it. The workers are trained, non judgemental, and the service is confidential.

You can download the CCard App

HERE Android

HERE Apple


Free condoms in other areas:

NHS Western Isles

NHS Argyll & Bute

CLICK HERE for a link on working out what kind of sex you like


Safe oral sex

Remember, it’s not just vaginal or anal sex that passes on STIs. You can catch chlamydia, herpes. syphilis and gonorrhoea from having unprotected oral sex. The HPV virus which can cause genital warts, can also be caught from having oral sex.

Make sure you’re safe by only doing things you want to do and using a condom. Flavoured condoms are available too.

Ten ways a condom can’t protect you ….click here for a short film