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Counselling in Tayside Schools

Counselling in Tayside Schools

All schools in Tayside now have counsellors available.  Counselling is about having a safe, confidential space to talk and explore issues.  A counsellor is trained to help you think about worries and problems that might be affecting your emotional health and wellbeing.  They can help you to understand these issues and support you to work out what might help you.


Feeling worried, anxious or upset is a normal, healthy reaction to certain situations.  However, being able to react well to emotions and cope with difficulties sometimes needs a bit of extra support.

We all face issues and situations that can affect our mental health. At times, we may need some extra support to manage things. That’s why schools help all pupils to think about their wellbeing and provide lots of different extra help when you need it.  Counselling is now available for those who need it and would find it the most help.


 At times, anyone might feel more anxious, upset or worried than is usual or that they feel they can cope with.

We are all different and each of us might need different support to help us.  For some of us, counselling might be helpful.

Staff in school, including the counsellor, will be able to talk to you about what counselling is and how it works.


 If you are worried about things, you can always talk to your school staff – teacher, guidance teacher (PCS) or anyone in school you trust.

The staff who support you in school can, if it will be helpful, make a referral to the counsellor for you.

If you are over 12, there will be a way to self-refer directly to the counsellor.  This might be by completing a form on paper or online, or by speaking to the counsellor.  You can ask anyone in school, or the counsellor for more information.