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Feeling Sad or Low?


Most young people feel sad or down at some point in their lives. This may be caused by something that’s happening around them and usually gets better when the situation is resolved. You can become more moody, more self-conscious and start to question things. You may start to have more worries at home, at school and with relationships. This is a normal part of growing up. Sometimes hormones are to blame and sometimes it can just feel really overwhelming dealing with lots of new pressures and situations.

No-one feels happy all of the time. It’s okay to be sad and it’s okay to cry. If you feel down it can really help to talk to someone. You don’t have to know why you’re sad, just tell someone that you need a bit of support. This could be a friend, family member or another adult you trust.

You can also ask a question on cool2talk and check out how other young people are feeling by searching the answers page.

Understanding the teenage brain can help when trying to make sense of your feelings CLICK HERE to read about this and CLICK HERE to read more about being Mentally Healthy.

CLICK HERE to find information about how to look after your emotional wellbeing, support from organisations around Scotland and tips on how to promote a positive mindset.

Many things in life can cause us to feel overwhelmed and stressed, taking extra care of yourself when you feel this way can help. CLICK HERE to read more about how to do this.

You can also download this really useful STOPP app to help you take a step back when things are tough

BUT if the feeling is more than just sad or it persists for a longer time, then everyday sadness or low mood may move into something more serious such as depression.

What do we mean by depression?

People can become depressed for lots of different reasons it is a health condition that needs attention, just like a broken arm or asthma. Just because it can’t be seen doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be taken seriously.

There is a lot of good information and support on line around depression. This might be around symptoms and possible causes, and how you can access treatment and support and tips on caring for yourself, and guidance for friends and family .  CLICK HERE for more information

CAMHS in Tayside have produced a really informative website CLICK HERE.