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Living Online

We live in so many spaces online that it can sometimes be hard to work out the rules and how to keep safe in all of them. New places appear all of the time and it can be difficult to keep up. The internet, apps and social media are a hugely important part of our lives. They help us socialise, learn, create and grow. It’s worth remembering too though that things can go wrong online just like anywhere else. Knowing some of the risks and where to get help if you need it is a necessary part of navigating these spaces. After all, you wouldn’t go to a new city or country without some idea of how to get around it in one piece!

These links have lots of information about various things to think about in your online life. As always if you’re worried or curious about anything to do with living online, or you’re concerned about a friend, please ask us a question.

Grooming – this can take lots of forms. You might know most about online grooming in relation to sexual activity. You can read more about this at the link below:

Online Grooming 

¬†Mind Your Manners…….

Compromising your online reputation can cause you just as many problems as making trouble offline. You can read more about looking after your digital footprint HERE.

Online Bullying

All bullying can have a negative impact on your mental health. If you’re experiencing bullying online it can be hard to get a break. Read about bullying to find out what you can do about this.

Sexual Behaviour Online

The pandemic has lead to more and more sexual activity happening online. Click HERE to make sure you know about your rights, responsibilities and the law around sexual images


It’s easy to access porn online, whether you’re looking for it or accidentally. This can sometimes cause problems. Some young people have conflicting feelings about watching porn. It can make you feel pressure to look or behave a certain way. It will soon become more difficult for under 18’s to access this content due to the Online Harms Bill. You can read more about the possible impacts of porn on young people HERE

Everything Else….

Thinkyouknow is a great website for learning more about staying safe and get the best out of online life.