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This word refers to any method that prevents a pregnancy from happening.

There is also a type of contraception called EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION that can be used, as it suggests in an emergency, after unprotected sex, to help protect you from pregnancy. One method of emergency contraception is a type of pill – often called ‘the morning after pill’. This name is a bit misleading as you can actually take some types up to 5 days after unprotected sex.

Contraception is free on the NHS so you won’t have to pay anything. It is available from your doctor and sexual health clinic and also The Corner in Dundee, check this link for times and places where you can get contraception in Tayside CLICK HERE.

On 9th November a new service was launched in Tayside to allow access to hormonal contraception via community pharmacy.

Community Pharmacies in Tayside are now able to issue a 3 month supply of Desogestril (Progestogen Only Pill/POP) as short term bridging contraception, allowing more time for people to arrange an appointment with their GP. A supply may be given after an Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) consultation or, where no EHC is required, a supply can be given as a standalone, temporary supply if requested.

You can access contraception even if you are not yet 16 years old. If you attend any of the above centres to access contraception and you are not yet 16 years old you will be asked a few questions to make sure that you are not being pressured into having sex, that you are happy doing what you are doing and you are not having sex with someone who is a good deal older than you.

You may also want to familiarise yourself with information about SEX AND THE LAW.

The consultation is confidential, that means nobody is going to call home to let anyone know you have been to the clinic, although you will be encouraged to speak to your folks or who you live with about you visit.

If you have any mishaps with using any method of contraception and have been unable to access the emergency contraception and are worried you may be PREGNANT then go back to where you were given your contraception and they will do a pregnancy test and discuss your options.

Click below to find a link to a website that will give you information about all the methods that are available.