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Refugees, Asylum Seekers & Visitors From Other Countries

People may leave their homes or birth countries and end up living in Scotland for lots of different reasons. They might do this with families or on their own. Moving can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if you’re trying to fit in in a new place and work out the culture, customs and rules.

Some people, like refugees and asylum seekers, may also have faced a lot of trauma and upset that can cause anxiety and fear. This means they might struggle with everyday things like making friends, trusting people, loud noises, busy places and getting a good sleep. All of these things can impact on your mental health (how you feel) and how you see yourself, other people and your environment.

It’s completely normal to take a while to adjust to a new home. It’s also completely normal to be impacted on by the big things that may have happened to or around you.

If you feel sad, scared or just need someone to talk to there are lots of people who can help. Any teacher, guidance or PCS staff or tutors/support staff at college are all people who can listen. It can be a good idea to talk to them if you’re bothered by noise and busy spaces as the can help to put things in place to manage this.

Many schools have health and wellbeing workers and you can also ask for an appointment with a school nurse or school counsellor.

We answer any questions you might have about anything that’s worrying you within 24 hours, you can post a question HERE.

There are also local services like The Corner in Dundee and youth workers and youth provision across Tayside.

We’ve included some links below that might be helpful if you’ve just arrived, are trying to settle in or just want to access support and information:

Scottish Refugee Council – information and guidance for all Scottish refugees

 Childline   РRights, support and advice

Young Scot – Rights and up to date information

Togetherall – Online support

The Corner – Dundee based support for young people aged 11 to of 19 (25 if in crisis), also has some great information about welcoming new Dundonians HERE

Cool2talk Health Info zone – loads of great information around topics ranging from mental health to sex and the law in Scotland

Cool2talk Services Pageslook for any local service, including school nursing and wellbeing workers, by using the search box