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Suicidal thoughts

Everyone sometimes feels sad, depressed, or angry especially when the pressures of school, friends and family become too much to handle.

Sometimes when people are feeling very down their feelings can start to feel too much for them to cope with. This can cause them to have thoughts they wouldn’t normally have such as wanting to die. During those times it is important that they get professional help so they don’t act on their feelings. With the right support, feelings can and often do change.

When people feel hopeless and can’t see any way to make things better, they sometimes want to take their own life. Things can get better, there are people who can help

Why do I feel suicidal?

Feeling suicidal can happen to anyone and can be brought on by many different issues. It can equally be there and you might not even understand why you feel that way.

Some of the reasons people give for wanting to commit suicide include:-

  • It will stop the pain
  • It will stop any negative thoughts from happening
  • It will make it clear to others how much they are hurting
  • It can give some people a sense of control, especially if there are things happening to them that make them feel out of control
  • Feeling alone, unneeded, unwanted
  • Like everyone would be better of without me

There will be many other reasons.

What can I do if I feel suicidal?

There are lots of different ways to help you cope with suicidal feelings. Exercising is not only good for you physically but also helps you keep a healthy mind, as does having a healthy diet.

CLICK HERE for information on looking after your mental health.

Doing something creative, like art or writing of listening to music often helps a lot of people. Set small goals and make a list of things that make you smile, even really small things.

Have a look at this link for ideas for coping with suicidal thoughts.


There is also a good local App called Suicide? Help? that has good information and support.

Telling someone how you feel helps, it can make it feel less heavy to carry around if you share it with someone. You have control over how much you share, make sure you are comfortable with what you are sharing. Be certain you are totally comfortable with the person you talk to. It can feel really scary telling someone you have suicidal thoughts, but talking about it can feel like a relief and the fear often passes once you start to talk. It can help to plan what you are going to say, even practising it.

Useful phone numbers you may want to keep handy:-

The Samaritans 116123 CLICK HERE for more info.

NHS 24 : 111 CLICK HERE for more info

Papyrus 0800 068 41 41 CLICK HERE for more info

Mind CLICK HERE for more info

Childline 08001111 CLICK HERE

If you’re experiencing a personal crisis, are unable to cope and need support, text Shout to
If your life is in imminent danger, please call 999.
Shout is a 24/7 text line for people in crisis anytime, anywhere. Find out more about Shout –CLICK HERE

It is felt to be better to access face to face help if you are feeling suicidal, but if you know you are not going to commit suicide, but have thoughts that worry you, then you can ask for support on the site.